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Animal Crossing....da da dun
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Animal Crossing....da da dun

Ok so here’s the thing: this blog is hard to keep up now that I have school so I don’t post really anymore but on my other blog http://mentallyunstableforyou.tumblr.com 
I’m almost always on it and reblog a bunch of things and I’m on it every day so I actually have stuff on it. So yeah. 

Anonymous Asked:
lol ♫

My answer:


You evil little shit.

 I’m with my little cousin :* Can you handle this much majesticness in one picture anon? CAn yYou?? 

One of the reasons I love snow in all the Animal Crossing games, but especially New Leaf, is how it makes the game look and feel new. It has a fresh texture to it and it’s only around for such a small time it’s hard not to appreciate the soft fluffy snow. Like the way it sits on the buildings and the lamp posts. Or the way it’s on the bridges or how it decorates fountains. It’s just so beautiful :3


The snow is truly beautiful. Watch it fall in 3D! It’s awesome.

Lovely weather we’re having today.

Are you my mommy?

If anyone wants my Festive-Tree Dress let me know. I’ll give it to you for free because ho ho ho. 

What even is Fashion??

'Twas a pretty meteor shower last night.

Everything and Anything about Animal Crossing. Also if you see one of your photos on here let me know and I'll source you or take it down :) And remember that bad days are just bad.

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